The Secrets to Selling Your Stuff

by Kara Daniels

As a Poshmark Ambassador, I have had many questions about this online website/app where you can sell your used clothing, jewelry, handbags, shoes, etc.

Some might wonder why I’m giving away my best-kept secrets that have earned me over $2K and my answer would be that reducing waste, recycling and reusing items is more important to me than earning extra cash for my old items that I no longer use.

I wanted to address all of your questions here instead of answering everyone individually, to save us all some time. I had my doubts at first that this was just another website that promised you you’d make money and probably wouldn’t. I was pleasantly surprised, to say the least. Feel free to comment any other questions you may have, as I am more than happy to answer. And best of luck!


  • Follow as many people as you can at first. Sure, their stuff will show up on your “feed” but you are here to sell, not buy (most likely). I rarely ever pay attention to my feed. It’s not like Instagram. It won’t even matter. I promise.
  • Add “FREE-with-a-purchase” items to your closet. Things you no longer want that will help people justify buying from you and positively add to their shopping experience. That whole “one man’s trash is another’s man’s treasure” thing is right more often than not.
  • The more listings you have, the better.
  • Don’t start out with too low of a price. Consider that you’ll probably lower the price over time if it does not sell at first. Each person that “likes” this listing will be notified any time you drop the price. Therefore, list it at $1-2 more than what you are wanting for the item. They will see the price drop and will be inclined to buy it before someone else does.
  • Re-post other people’s listings and they’ll re-post yours. This is key.
  • This isn’t like other social media sites where it matters how many people you follow or that follow you. It’s like a community where everyone is supporting and helping out everyone else. Keep that mindset.
  • I think some people ask WAY too much for their used items at times, but somehow, they still sell occasionally. Remember you are selling used stuff. Don’t ask too much in price unless it’s truly worth that much.
  • If you sell an item that is not as described, they can file a claim and get their money back usually. So, list ANY and ALL flaws about your products. Be honest. It goes a long way.
  • Reply to ALL comments on your listings. If I see someone hasn’t responded to multiple comments and questions on their listing, it gives me a reason to not trust this seller. People will think the same of you. It’s also considered customer service, which we all know is important and influences our buying decisions.
  • Don’t put too much time into this. Set aside an hour per weekend to take photos of your items you have to sell. Modeling your items WILL help you sell them. You do not have to be a photographer, just photograph things in natural light, it helps.
  • People will ask for measurements on EVERYTHING, so have a ruler nearby at all times. Or just list the measurements in the product description in the first place and save everyone some time.
  • I keep all of my items for sale in one specific closet in my home, so everything is in one place. This will help when someone buys something you posted forever ago and then have to take an hour to go find it.
  • DO shop on Poshmark. I have found some of my favourite items on this site. Just don’t shop TOO much or this may be slightly counterproductive for you.
  • Ship what you sell ASAP. People are excited to get their purchases as soon as possible, just like you are whenever you order something online. People can also see how long it takes you to ship by looking at your profile. It is important.
  • Save any and all shipping boxes, envelopes, etc. that you get whenever you shop online to ship the things you sell on Poshmark. Otherwise, you’ll have to buy a box/envelope at the Post Office and that also seems counterproductive to me.
  • Include special little thank-you’s when shipping your items to your buyers. Appreciate them and they’ll appreciate you, and then they may even leave you a good review. Other buyers can see these reviews. Good or bad. This may determine whether or not a potential customer may buy from you in the future.
  • If you are new to Poshmark and sign-up using my code karamdaniels you and I both get $5. You’ll also get one of these codes after you get started to invite your own friends.



You can check out my Poshmark closet here.