Much, Much Later…

by Kara Daniels

I‘m baaaaack. Thanks for waiting more than a year on me and for still being interested in my blubbering thoughts. Let’s get down to it.

Do you remember growing up and being so irritated if someone copied you?

Maybe this mostly applies to girls, but I distinctly remember thinking it was SO annoying when someone copied me, or when I thought they had gotten an idea from me. If I had a super cute shirt on and some other girl asked me where I got it from, I’d reply with “oh, I don’t remember” just so they wouldn’t go buy the same shirt as me. What a laugh it gives me now.

Of course I was much, much younger and we all think in an ignorant, childish way at that age, so I accept my younger ways. But I think it is safe to say I have grown up, I hope. Especially because I can laugh about it now. Side note: it can still be frustrating when someone blatantly copies an idea of yours, even when you’re older, but that mostly applies to art. I still struggle with that. But all ideas come from somewhere.

Nowadays, I love sharing new things I discover. It feels like some small life purpose or something. When I find something I love, I now want to share it with EVERYONE.

I take pleasure in discovering and testing out new things. Things that will make life easier. Things that make me more productive. Things that are good for the body and soul. Things that make me happy.

Life is short and can actually be pretty tough most days. And if I can help someone along their journey and make it a little easier for them, I do. I add to my own happiness by making others happy or helping wherever I can.

Maturity is a beautiful thing. Especially when you realize you’ve hit that stage in life where you become a little more selfless.

Whether it’s an app that truly helps me learn a new language or save money, or a face mask that took years to find that I think every human needs in their life, these are the things I like to share. I realize this is what bloggers and influencers do, which I never considered myself to be. But after a few different people approached me recently asking about different types of advice, I wanted to share that advice with everyone that may be searching for it, too.

So, as before, I’d like to continue sharing my new finds (that actually work) or personal pieces that might help others know they are not alone when it comes to certain topics.

Stay tuned, xx.