5 Tips for Online Shoppers

by Kara Daniels

It’s not too late to turn back. I do not encourage you to follow in my horrendous online shopping addicted footsteps but if you insist, carry on.

Like many others, I have become so accustomed to choosing online shopping over shopping in-store—so much so that I can barely tolerate being around a mall anymore. And when I am, I buy absolutely nothing because I’m confident I can purchase whatever it may be at a better price somewhere online. So, I thought I’d share some of my best online shopping “secrets”.


Tip #1: If you want to buy something but you don’t absolutely “need” it and have the patience to wait and see if the price will drop, add it to your online cart and then leave it. Yes, leave it. This works most effectively if you have an online account with that retailer. I’m not sure if it works if you don’t have an online account with them because this is how they remember your cart. As we all probably already know, most online retailers will email you about two minutes after you’ve left their site to remind you that you haven’t yet completed your purchase (like we DON’T know that?!) but now majority of them will also email you whenever the items in your shopping cart have gone on sale! Now you’ll get what you wanted for a lower than retail price. I do not recommend doing this with items you absolutely cannot live without. It’s not bulletproof but definitely helps and more retailers are starting to use this tactic.

Tip #2: Use Honey. If you’re not using this Chrome extension, you’re already losing money. It’s literally worth using Chrome over every other web browser if you don’t already. So, I’ll try to be brief. Every time you go to check out online, Honey automatically pops up. I’ve only ever encountered a total of two online stores where Honey has not been compatible. Honey will first go through all possible promo codes, find an active one if available and calculate the best one that will save you the most money. Sometimes there is one, sometimes there isn’t. Even if there isn’t an available online promo code, on every purchase you earn what’s called Honey “gold”. This is a point system where for every 1,000 points you earn, you get to redeem them for a $10 gift card of your choice. There are many gift cards to choose from, such as Amazon, which is always my go-to. I’ve earned $20 just for using Honey. When something like this actually works, it baffles me as to why people aren’t using it. Use my referral and we both win. Click here. And then you can start referring people and earning extra points, too!

Tip #3: Obviously, choose sort “Low to High” when shopping online. But also, do you always Google the product you are about to buy before actually buying it? Take the exact product name and search it in Google before making a purchase. All retailers that sell that item will surface as a result. Here you can sometimes find that exact same item for less at a different retailer. This is worth a try if it’s a product available and sold at other stores. Honey may also have a promo code for one online retailer but not the other. It’s worth comparing.

Tip #4: Want to see if you can find an item used or possibly at a lower price? Go to Poshmark (the app or online) and search for it! We all know I’m a huge advocate for this app but I have had multiple success stories upon searching for a product I was going to buy brand new from a retailer at full price and decided to search Poshmark for it first. Sometimes even with the tags still attached! This happens when people do not make the return cutoff wherever they bought the item from and they want to get some money back. If you’re worried about brand authenticity, Poshmark allows you to easily file a claim so you can get your money back after purchasing if the item is not as described by the seller. I could go into this topic a little more but I’ll save it for now. You get the gist of it. If you have any further questions on this, comment below. I’m always here to help. You can sign up for Postmark using my referral code KARAMDANIELS which gets you a $5 credit toward your first purchase. Not bad, right?

Tip #5: For basic items such as beauty products, household items and so on, I regularly price compare between Amazon and Target. I literally go back and forth to see which has the item I’m looking for listed as the cheapest price. I stay away from all Target stores and only shop online because they offer free shipping when your total is over $35 which allows me to only buy what I need versus walking into the actual store and falling down the Target rabbit hole. Anyways, this is the best way to make sure you’re getting the best price. The second part of this is important. Earny. This app/website links to your card you make purchases with and gets you money back when prices drop. I’ve gotten quite a bit back on my purchases, enough where it’s been worth having. It does only work when you make the purchases online, as far as I know. It tracks Amazon as well but Amazon has managed to escape the whole price drop guarantee thing. I’ve only received refunds from my online Target purchases which is a bigger incentive to shop online versus in-store. My point: sign up for Earny. Click here to sign up. (Side note: Paribus has stopped working for me over and over again. Earny has gotten me more money back than Paribus ever did. I’ve gone as far as contacting Paribus customer support and still no dice. So, if you know what Paribus is, Earny is more efficient.)

If you have any other tips to share, please do. Hopefully, this won’t encourage you to shop too much…but at least you’ll (hopefully) be saving some cash if you do!