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HELP: the return of acne

As of late, I’ve been struggling with clear skin or lack of.

I never had issues with acne until my mid-twenties. I didn’t even know that was a thing but hormonal changes have a HUGE impact as well as a few other possible causes. I’ve done a little research, wishing and hoping to find a clear-cut answer or solution but the truth is there isn’t one.

I reverted to ignoring the occasional small breakout here and there until recently when it got really bad. So, I wanted to share a few things that have cleared most of my acne issues up after some recent changes in hopes that it could help someone else out there struggling like myself.

Reminder: These are only simple tips that have helped me and my skin. I am no expert which is made clear by the acne issues I’ve faced over the past few months.

  1. WHAT YOU EAT IS IMPORTANT. Actually, everything you are allowing to go into your body is extremely important. Continue to drink water throughout your day. You don’t have to drink gallons, this doesn’t need to be challenging like I made it at first. Keep a reusable water bottle around to make it easier. Eat raw foods. Limit sugar intake. Be mindful. It’s not rocket science.
  2. STOP TOUCHING YOUR FACE. Your greasy little fingers aren’t helping. If you sit at a desk all day like I do, make sure you’re not leaning on your elbow with your hand resting on your face or chin. We don’t always realize how much we touch our face throughout the day. And most of all, don’t pick at the acne, pimples, and breakouts on your face. This leads to scarring and it’s never helped my breakouts clear up any faster.
  3. GET PLENTY OF SLEEP. Getting an adequate amount of sleep each night is detrimental to your overall health. I always notice fewer breakouts when I’m getting enough sleep. Hints the ever so common breakouts I notice happening more often around the weekends. The ideal amount of sleep is 7-8 hours per night. No more, no less. If you think you’re one of those people that functions well off of only 4-5 hours of sleep each night, I have bad news for you. Do some research. This is not a “thing”.
  4. GO SEE A DERMATOLOGIST. I have no idea why it took me so long to do so. I visited a dermatologist for the first time a few years back when my acne began and they miraculously pretty much it fixed all my acne problems. So much so that I ended up not going back for about two years, until recently, due to acne issues resurfacing. This is something we should all be doing occasionally anyways as it’s important to check for skin cancer, etc. Although it may take a few tries when it comes to acne medications, you will find a combination that works for you or at least helps. This can take a couple months but I promise it’s worth every penny. Make sure to ask them for discount cards for whatever they prescribe (Ex. Aczone). These companies often hand out discount cards and with insurance, you should not be paying more than about $35 for their creams. This might not apply to all prescriptions but it has applied to each one I’ve had experience with buying.
  5. STOP OVERUSING FACE MASKS. And other skincare products that you don’t actually know or understand what is in them. Far too often we just trust these fun, appealing, new products from big chain beauty stores when all they’re doing is trying to make money. Tell me, how many skincare products do you have at home that have been laying around because you buy new ones so often, jumping from one to another monthly. You can’t even tell which one is working effectively if you’re using multiple and introducing new ones to your routine so often. Overuse of face masks can have an adverse effect. The more you use per week doesn’t exactly mean better skin. Try stopping all use of products and introducing one at a time back into your skincare routine so you can notice which is effectively helping you.

Like I mentioned at the beginning, everyone’s body and skin are VERY different. We each treat our bodies differently, consume different things, and live in different environments where we are exposed to different levels of stress, air pollution, etc.

Something that works for someone else might not work as well for you. This is the problem with buying a product someone recommends on social media or on a company’s website. We want to believe it will help us too, so we instantly buy it and sometimes share or review the product without actually using it for weeks or months where you’d actually be able to notice the results.

In conclusion, be mindful. Pay attention to what you’re putting into your body and what you’re putting your body through. Oftentimes, we can solve an issue without pouring money into products that may or may not be effective.


Here Are My Must-Haves

Man oh man, am I ready to get to the island.

Moving can be such a process, but moving out of the country is another story. Obtaining a copy of my “criminal record”, my birth certificate, ss card, etc. I have certainly learned a few things along the way. Starting to feel like such an adult, it’s weird.

How does one MOVE their stuff to an island? The great part about it is the more simplified way of life. Alright, not entirely but definitely different compared to the states. Some clothes, lots of sandals, even more bathing suits, and that is about it. After stocking up on my favourite bb cream and LUSH products, I think I’m set. And who even needs a hair straightener when you have salt water to give you beachy waves every day?

I can say the second best feeling, next to booking my flight, was putting in my two weeks notice at both of my jobs. Don’t get me wrong, I love my jobs, very much so actually, but after three years in Finance, I am thrilled to say my goodbyes. As a bartender, I meet and talk to many people every day. We always end up talking about our careers, life, work, etc. When I tell them about my plans to move, they each say how they wish they could be that “fearless”. To just up and leave, move to the islands, create a change in their lives. This strikes me as so odd, each and every time. I think we all have different dreams and things we want, but it is always so strange hearing people say they wish they could do something when they can do whatever it is that they want. I’m just following my heart. Everyone should, it will never lead you astray.

So, for the next two weeks, I am cutting back on working so much. 14-20 hour work days are finally becoming too much. Yesterday I ate two gas station donuts for breakfast, I had left over birthday cake I found in our office’s kitchen because I didn’t have time for lunch, I got a quesadilla to go from the bar that I ate while driving home from work at 10pm, only to return to my bedroom where I plowed through all of the dirty clothes on my bedroom floor to get to my bed that hasn’t had clean sheets on it in over two weeks because there is just no time for that, and then I suddenly realized how out of control my life had become. And gross. Being a workaholic may be one of my downfalls. Maybe.

And so, commence eating as much Chipotle as I can before moving. Because there is no Chipotle where I’m going. Cue tears.

Curious what LUSH products I had to stock up on before leaving? Here are my MUST-HAVES.

Shampoo bar. After trying a few, I’ll always go back to my favourite.

Conditioner bar. Because YES they finally came out with them. And bigger the better, right?

Face cleanser. Out of them all, this one stuck.

Serum. Because a dry face isn’t cute. I always take this guy when I travel.

And if I could take every bath bomb in existence, I would. I promise you can’t go wrong with any of them. But if you need a recommendation, this is it.


Ready, Set, Go

Busy is an understatement. These past couple of weeks have been crazy, and exciting. My flight is booked and I’ll be moving July 30th! And let me tell ya, moving out of the country is no easy task. I couldn’t have just picked an island included in the U.S. Virgin Islands, it just had to be a different country. But, no complaints here.

Trying to get everything done before moving while working 70 hours a week is a challenge. Submitting my two weeks notice to both of my jobs makes it all worth it, knowing there is a finish line in sight.

As I am trying to sort through things, get rid of things I no longer need, figure out what I want to pack and bring with me, I have finally (slowly) started to use my Poshmark account. Within a day I sold my first item. Now that I realize you can successfully sell items on it and it is not a waste of time, I’ll be uploading (hopefully) a lot more SOON. You can follow my closet here.

My other absolute favourite discovery as of late is MONQ. I’ve shared a little bit about it on my snap story and I thought I’d share it on my blog as well since Snapchats are only temporary, as we all know. I’ll spare you the details and let you read all about it on MONQ’s website and elaborate on only the important stuff. Do I really love it? YES. Does it actually work? Yes! Is the design as cute in person? Yep! And better yet, I have a coupon code (karadaniels) for you to receive 10% off so you can fall in love, too. Now, click here.

And now, onto another 70-hour work week (while catching some Pokémon along the way).

Things I Remembered This Week

Making progress. The best two-worded sentence in existence. Yet, somehow my to-do list gets shorter and longer simultaneously.

Things I remembered this week:

  1. People are here to help you, and you are here to help them
  2. Food places will get your order wrong 8.5/10 times
  3. Make time for people, it’s important that you do
  4. Cleanliness is next to godliness
  5. You can’t get everything done all at once

Working seems to be my life lately, which doesn’t entirely bother me at the moment because it is getting me where I want to be. Missing out on a family dinner or a concert with a friend stinks, a lot, but you can’t make it to every event. Will I regret some of the things I missed due to work? Some, but it is getting me to where I want to be in life and I have to keep reminding myself of this. Not everyone will always understand your process, but as long as you have a reason for doing it and it’s a good one, keep on keeping on. Reading a tidbit of advice given in a Medium read I came across today was exactly what I needed:

“So you got a lot done this week? Good for you. But what exactly did you get done? Was it work you’ll remember next month? Was it work that’ll matter next year? Did you learn anything that’ll help you tomorrow?

High productivity doesn’t mean squat if the things you’re getting done aren’t truly important.”

In other news, my favourite makeup/body care brand came out with a new product this week. I’ll share more on my snapchat about it once I get this 20-hour work shift over with, and a little sleep. But I highly recommend checking Glossier out. And their new Haloscope. I’ve at least tried a quick swatch of it on my arm and was instantly in love.

Until next time.