Learning to be Grateful

by Kara Daniels

We are constantly yearning for more. This is natural and entirely OK. It is a good thing but it can also be somewhat of a bad thing.

We constantly want more, new, and better things. This does not allow much time and attention to the things we already own and have around us.

I have struggled with this all my life. It’s almost like FOMO but instead of a fear of missing out it’s a fear of the possibility that something better out there always exists. And most of the time, it does. There is always going to be something better out there. Or so we think. Don’t get me wrong, something better probably does exist but more often than not, what you already have might be worth holding onto. So often, I lose something I had, something I always end up wishing I realized how good it was until it’s gone.

Yearning for more never ceases. I do not believe it is something that humans will ever be able to “turn off”. I don’t think it would be necessarily good to stop yearning for more, that would certainly lead to a lazy and unmotivated being. This is natural and not something we should beat ourselves up about. It is mindfulness and being present that helps us remain in the moment, helps us to recognize what is right in front of us.

So, today I ask you pause and think about what you may already have right in front of you. I have come to realize that I miss the things most that I allow to walk out of my life. I don’t doubt that some of you also have experienced this. We have matured when we realize what is worth fighting for to keep in our lives and what is worth letting go.

What is meant to be will always be. Whatever is yours will come back to you even if we weren’t exactly paying attention to it but not everything comes back. This is a one of the sad truths about life. It can be difficult to accept that some things we weren’t paying enough attention to may leave our lives forever. Those things exit our lives to teach us to notice what we do have when we have it.

Nothing is permanent. And nothing is forever. We like to use the word “forever” quite often because it sounds so nice. This is one of those things I wish they had taught us in grade school. Life is a learning experience. May or may not have learned that from a Big Sean song. The sooner you acknowledge this and learn from it, the better.

It’s not alway easy to do, believe me. It is something that comes with many mistakes and many losses. But eventually, it will stick.