A Subscription-Based World

by Kara Daniels

Question: How many subscription services are you currently subscribed to?

With the ever-growing amount of subscription services now available to us, millions of people are taking advantage. From beauty and fashion to vitamins and makeup, the many types of subscriptions are endless and they’re only growing in numbers day by day.

Need undies sent to you monthly? No problem.

Need food sent to you weekly? Consider it done.

Need vitamins sent to you monthly? You got it.

I’m more than guilty of partaking in this fad, as I have tried out a few or more of these subscription services myself. I’ve done the whole customized vitamin packs, the cool new makeup boxes, the customized color and scented shampoo and conditioner with my name printed on the bottles, the electric toothbrush and replacement heads, and much more. I had actually not realized how many subscription services I’ve tried up until typing this. It never seemed like much but now I realize how much of a sucker I am for these neat subscriptions. But who wouldn’t be interested in something like this when we are led to believe it will save us time, money, and is customized just for you?

This topic really came to mind after recently discovering a new subscription service for razors. Yes, disposable razors. You know, those things you get in a pack of four at the store for less than $6.

Instantly, I was wondering what this new company had to offer that would be so much more efficient and effective than simply purchasing my razors with the rest of my household items at the store.

Now, this subscription service would have to take up less of my time, be cheaper than the razors I’m already using, produce less waste and use less resources when distributing them for me to consider it beneficial.


Let’s break it down.


Time: Was this really going to save me any time? I actually visit the grocery store at least once per week, most often for fresh produce. My personal and household products are purchased online because I like to price compare. I buy from Amazon or Target, because I have Prime and Target offers free shipping on orders over $35, which includes my razors. Therefore, I don’t make additional trips to the store specifically for razors, making my total purchase time for razors about 35 seconds as I search, select, and click “add to cart” on my Target app.

Money: Was this cheaper than my 4 for $5.99 razor pack from Target? Well, the “Get Started” price on Billie is $9 and includes the razor handle, holder, and 2 razor cartridges. After that, they’ll send you 4 replacement cartridges for $9 when you need them. There are many different brands and types you can buy from the store, but majority are much more cost effective than this 4 for $9, including the extra two cartridges you’re missing out on with your starter kit.

Waste: The cool thing about the Billie razors is that you keep the handle and only replace the razor cartridges, so you’re not throwing away the entire plastic razor. If you’re not shocked by this environmentally friendly option, it’s probably because it already exists. You can purchase a pack of razor cartridge refills at the store, too. After looking at the prices, it’s also more cost effective to buy the replacements from the store. You’re also saving packaging by not getting razors singly shipped to you when you need them. Although I purchase beauty and household items online, I wait to order until I have at least several products in my cart before doing so, not just shipping myself a single package of razors. You can also bring reusable grocery bags to the store to save on bags when shopping. Magical.

The Hook: They’re actually stating that us ladies have been over-paying for our razors! Say what? They call it the “Pink Tax” Rebate. I was instantly curious how much I have been overpaying, only to realize this was their way to get us to advertise for them for free. What a creative name, Pink Tax. If you use their referral program, get everyone you know to sign-up for their services, you get money off your next order. Let’s get this straight…the more you work for them, getting people to give them their money, they’ll lower their prices for us. How sweet, right? So, if you feel like working for free and you’re great at advertising, you can lower your quarterly disposable razor budget from $6 to $0! But the number of people you can convince to sign-up for this is limited, especially since they’ll start trying to get everyone they know to sign-up so they can start thriving off that possible discount.


So, like I was wondering from the second I discovered this new subscription service, what is the point of this? Who was subscribing to this service?

I quickly returned to the well-known fact that people love new and shiny things. We’re only human. New and innovative ideas are exciting. These companies also provide a more unique, modern, and aesthetically pleasing appearance to their product. Instagrammable things!

Instagrammable is right. This is exactly where I first saw this product. TONS of women posting photos of their cool, new razors as they try to get others to sign-up. After all, this is how most things work these days. Referral programs are everywhere. I am all about utilizing referral benefits, but ultimately, this one appears slightly far-fetched to me.

Would you subscribe to a disposable razor subscription? Is it truly worth it or have the subscription services gone too far?

People are often quick to believe this wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t going to benefit them, that it must be better than purchasing these items in-store ourselves. Remember to take a few minutes to break it all down before committing to that new subscription service the next time one catches your eye. Your bank account may thank you.